Mint Chocolate Chip

Not only is this combo one of my favorite ice cream flavors it is also one of my favorite color pairings for spring! I love how well the light mint color plays with the brown and the rose gold accents really tie it all together.  The pop of leopard shoes was a fun touch that […]

Super High Rep Training

Want to change your body? Then you have to push yourself! After you have been working out for awhile, if you don’t switch it up, your body can plateau.  This advanced workout is a great addition to throw in once a week to challenge yourself.  Simply complete 50 reps of these 10 exercises back-to-back, pushing […]

Spring Into Color with Teal and Yellow

The sun is out, the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming…HELLO SPRING! What better way to jump into the new season than with some bright colors that pair together quite well: teal and yellow.  For the outfit pictured, I styled it around these fantastic heels with the pop of leopard because I am obsessed […]

Prom Dress Shopping: A Night to Remember

Prom night… It’s the night many of us girls can remember every detail, no matter how many years have gone by: the hair, the makeup, the flowers, all the dancing, the date and, most importantly, the DRESS!  Prom is the highlight of many girls’ entire school year and picking out the perfect dress is the […]

SB Prom Project Contest

I have been having such a wonderful time collecting and purchasing prom dresses, supporting Girl Talk Foundation’s Prom Project for local girls in the Charlotte area.  This event has grown so much since last year because of all of your support and I cannot thank you all enough!! I know however that there are many […]

Snake Skin Pants

Slither into Spring

One of my must-have spring staple pieces is a snakeskin print pant. I know this sounds weird and many of you may be thinking, ‘this is too loud of a print for me’! But I am here to say, a pair of snakeskin print pants is an everyday piece! Paired with a simple top, this […]

Trench Coat

In the Trenches

Trench coats are always a classic and chic option for spring and can be worn a variety of different ways.  I still love the classic khaki colored trench coat but, nowadays, trenches are getting a makeover! From faux leather sleeves to studs to crazy prints, trenches are making a statement! These coats can be styled […]


Outfit Inspiration: WhiteOut

Sadly, there is still snow in lots of parts of the country but I decided to use the snow to inspire my latest outfit: WhiteOut!  White-on-white is a strong statement that also is chic and feminine. The key is to play up different textures and shades of the color which creates a really bold look. […]

No Groceries? No Problem!

Usually, my fantastic parents hit up the grocery store for Kyle and me on Sunday to get us a few groceries we will need for the week since we travel so much. However, Mom and Pops went to the mountains last weekend and we were down to the bare bones in the kitchen. After getting […]